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A New York moving company of repute, Xpress Moving Vanlines is involved in providing relocation and storage services in the New York City and tri-state area. Our customers could be individuals, families, as well as commercial establishments. Moving from NY is now easy for all our clients. They can use our service and relocate to a new place - without any hassles. We are also into packing and storing; and one of the best packaging companies in the area.

As a moving company in New York, we cover all the 5 boroughs of the NYC as well as the tri-state area so all people looking for Long Island movers, Manhattan movers, Brooklyn movers, or State Island movers can depend on us. We are one of the best moving companies in the area and believe in offering services that our clients can trust - fully and unconditionally. Xpress Moving Vanlines Transit has been moving families across the continent of the United States with guaranteed satisfaction, both local and long distance. With great care and expertise, we have all the tools at our disposal to make sure that our client transition is a delightful and stress free one for the whole family.

We know that each move is different so our caring staff, beginning with our friendly sales representatives, cater to the needs of each client when giving an estimate, bearing in mind his or her economic status. Every detail accounted for, packing custom wood crate, assembly or disassembly, technology and media services, floor protection and wall protection. Our experienced movers are detail oriented, from packing storage to delivery.

Xpress Moving Vanlines is a strong support of the LGBT community. A great number of our clients are from this community.

If you are unable to take immediate possession of your new residence, your belongings can be stored in our warehouse, where safety is a top priority while holding your goods until you are ready for them. As a well-established moving company in New York, we work with some of the best professionals in the industry. The teams working with us have a lot of experience. The professionals, working with us to facilitate moving, also ensure that all the steps in the relocation process are planned in advance so that there are no unpleasant surprises for anybody involved. The process of moving could not get any smoother.

Licenses / Credentials :

• US DOT- 1853754
• NY DOT- 37757
• MC- 671122

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Services Offered:

  • Local Moves in New York City
  • Long Distance Moves from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
  • Storage
  • Packing
How to Find Reliable Brooklyn Movers

Every year 1 in 4 U.S. citizens will move. That’s more than 42 million people. Most people will move several times in their lives. Studies have indicated that moving can be one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. Even though we may be excited about the move, there can be mixed emotions about leaving behind a familiar neighborhood, close friends and fond memories. We don’t need the added burden of being fearful about entrusting everything we own in life to a Brooklyn moving company.

The entire process will be a lot easier if you can find a reliable Brooklyn moving company, though this might not always be as easy as it seems. It usually takes more than just looking through the yellow pages of your local phone directory. You’ll discover that there are a variety of moving companies catering to specific needs. Some companies will do only moves within a limited area. Others will move you anywhere in the country or even internationally. So the type of move you are planning and even what you need to move will determine the type of Brooklyn moving company you’ll need to hire.

You can usually find a variety of other services through a Brooklyn moving company beyond just moving your furniture and other possessions. Some companies will often rent or sell you all the packing supplies you’ll need for moving, assist you with packing up your belongings and help with the unpacking once your things get to your new home. While these added features will cost you more, they can be a great convenience.

The quotes you’ll get from each Brooklyn moving company might be hard to compare, since they can be based on different factors. When it comes to your valuables, choosing the lowest estimate might not be the way to go.

Where to Search for Qualified Brooklyn Movers

Begin by asking the people you know. Almost everyone has moved at least once in their lifetime, so ask your family, friends or co-workers if they can recommend a good Brooklyn moving company. Check with your Realtor that helped you find your new home. Based on the experience of their other clients a realtor can usually give you some good recommendations. Look for moving vehicles that are working in your city if you're planning a local move. It’s easy to assume that the Brooklyn moving company that you see the most often is also the busiest and therefore the most popular.

Do a search on the computer. A lot of moving companies maintain a website listing their services, how long they’ve been in business, the areas they cover as well as an online estimator page to help you get an initial idea of how much the move will cost you. The website will also contain their physical address and phone number as well as an email address so you can contact them with any questions. The internet is also a good way to do a background check before calling any Brooklyn moving company.

The Brooklyn Movers Quote

After you compile your list, it’s time to call the Better Business Bureau to determine if anyone has ever filed a complaint about one of the companies you have in mind. A Brooklyn moving company deals with so many customers it’s not unusual that even a very good company might have a complaint or two. What is important is how they handled any complaints and if, in the end, the customer was satisfied.

It’s a good idea to make a list before you call any Brooklyn moving company. Write down how many rooms you need to be moved, if you have any large pieces such as a piano or oversized curio cabinet and make sure you include the garage or utility shed if you have one. Your list doesn’t have to be very elaborate but it will help you convey to the Brooklyn moving company what you need to have moved.

The Brooklyn Moving Company: Making Your Choice

Comparing bids can prove to be confusing. The prices can vary greatly as well as the services offered and the methods used in pricing. You’ll find that while one Brooklyn moving company may charge by the load, another may charge by the hour or even by the room.

Make certain you get each Brooklyn moving company quote in writing and that you understand how the company arrives at their figures. Don’t forget to read the fine print. You need to know if you have any recourse in the event that any of your possessions are damaged. Some companies won't pay for damages if you packed your belongings yourself unless it can be proved that the damage was a direct cause of their mishandling.

After you’ve talked with every prospective Brooklyn moving company on your list and taken time to consider their quotes, you can make an informed decision as to which Brooklyn moving company you trust to move your belongings. It’s true that moving can be an emotional and stressful time. Obviously, the last thing anyone needs is to be concerned about is whether or not their belongings are being handled with care. No matter where you move, you want to know you can find a dependable Brooklyn moving company you can rely on.


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"Great company. I used these guys for my move from Brooklyn to Miami. When I got a first call from Frederick, I was thinking these guys are way too expensive than the others who called me. I chose a different moving company for a great price and great BBB. It was a big mistake. They showed up and the price more than doubled, the people were nasty, it was a nightmare. I called Xpress and Frederick explained everything that I needed to do with the other guys. Xpress showed up the next day in my house, the supervisor Steve was very nice and professional and explained all the paper work. They did a great job on the pick up and on the delivery too. Highly recommended company, they are not the cheapest but are worth every penny."

Miami, FL

"These guys are awesome! We used them to move from Manhattan to Chicago and they were fabulous. Everyone we dealt with from Liza, the estimator, to the guys I talked to on the phone when I had questions, and especially the guys who actually did all of the moving were really great. They are all very professional, but still friendly and funny. We had a ton of heavy stuff that they moved really easily, and they also packed up our entire kitchen with a ton of care so nothing fragile came close to getting broken. They also gave us a much better rate than the other companies we got quotes from because they have smaller trucks and won't make you pay for smaller shuttle truck transfers to/from tractor trailers if you do a long distance move. Check out their reviews on also. Highly recommended! Very good service."

Downers Grove, IL

"George was really great in communicating and answering all my questions and emails. The moving crew was very professional, prepared and courteous. I was moving my piano and was very worried, however it all went very smoothly. Good job overall!"